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About us

BAKKER BOUWBEDRIJF B.V. V. has been an established name in Amsterdam and surroundings for over 35 years. We take care of all imaginable work in the field of restoration and renovation for both companies and private clients. We also carry out maintenance work and, depending the client’s wishes, we can deliver customised work.


With a core group of specialised professionals, we work on the most diverse construction projects. With the right know-how and expertise and a heart for the business. BAKKER BOUWBEDRIJF B.V. takes the work off your hands, relieves you of any worries and provides expertise, quality and professionalism at a competitive price.


Certainly, the working method of BAKKER BOUWBEDRIJF B.V., renovation company in Amsterdam, complies with all the rules and legislation that exist with regarding the construction industry. In addition, we have long been a member of the NOA (Nederlands Ondernemersvereniging voor Afbouwbedrijven (Dutch Entrepreneur Association for Finishing work companies), Bouwend Nederland and the Amsterdamse Aannemers Vereniging (Amsterdam Contractors’ Association).

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